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Best Proven Products is interested in you and what your needs are. 

We value you, your time and your purchasing budget.  We have years of experience in a variety of industries and in purchasing products both for our personal use, for our employers and our own businesses.  We know how important it is to get the ‘best bang for your buck’ in this economy today.  After years of doing this for ourselves and our employers, we have felt the call to do it for others.  To be a good servant to others is our goal.

It is our desire to help you with your purchasing by locating the ‘best of the best’ in a variety of categories and relaying to you, our customers, what those products are and why we feel they are the ‘Best Proven Products‘ for you.

Our focus is primarily on the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry.   We have over 50 years combined experience in the Real Estate industry from building homes, owning single family rentals, flipping homes, apartments, and both buying and selling real estate as well as representing others as a Licensed REALTOR® in Texas. 

We are partners with TheCEShop.com and offer all their courses through our site and special discounts to all our members.  Both for Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Originators.  We also offer products and services that you as professionals are in the market for such as business cards, website assistance, signage, marketing tools and much more.

We are hard working, honest folks with integrity, and we desire to build a trust relationship with you.  We want you to be comfortable with us and the reviews we give you and the products we offer you.  We aim to earn that trust.

Products which are reviewed on our site will always be the the best in their category based on the reviews we have found and on our own personal experience in many cases.   We review a variety of products and categories,  Business and Personal use products.

We have a sister company, Standing Firm Products, which reviews Christian books, Movies, Bible Studies, Christian gifts, etc.  Standing Firm Products will also always give you their honest opinion about any items reviewed.

But wait!  Our sites are more than just product review sites.  We blog about new products we have found and the latest news related to online purchasing and various relevant topics.

We provide links to products of reputable vendors who we partner with where you may purchase many of the products after reading our reviews.  We may receive a commission if you purchase from our link.  This is how we support our business. (See our Affiliate Disclosure at the bottom of our website.)

We know in many cases you are working long hours and have busy lives and don’t have the time you would like to check out reviews on something you are considering purchasing.  If it is something which hasn’t been reviewed yet on our site, we offer a service to do that for you.   In most cases we will require a fee for this special customer service.  Be assured we will do our best to find the best product for you.

Any questions at all feel free to fill out our contact us form or email info@bestprovenproducts.com.

Have a blessed day!


Best Proven Products

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