Microsoft Office 365 – Review


A Long Time Microsoft User!

I have used Microsoft products since they first came out.   From DOS to the first Windows Product to the first Office products, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics (Formerly Great Plains) and more.

People can complain about Microsoft but quite frankly being involved in the IT arena and Software support arena for 22 years, I have to say Microsoft has been phenomenal.

Just remembering back to DOS and manually typing in commands to find files/data on your hard drives and then to Windows and where it is today. WOW!

I first used Word processing products back in the 80’s before Microsoft came out with their products.   Remember WordPerfect and those other Word processing products?

The first Spreadsheet app I used was Lotus 1,2,3.   Then Microsoft came out with Excel!

There was DB1 the first database app I remember using.   Then Microsoft developed Access which was another amazing product.

People complained about the cost of these products but what they didn’t realize then and don’t realize today is that each of the Microsoft Office products alone are amazing, powerful tools which you can literally run a small business on!   The tools which exist within each of these products is well worth what the annual cost is.

A few years later they began combining the products together as Microsoft Office! (more…)