What is Simple Plate? Why do I care?

Simple Plate™ is one of the latest additions to Thrive Life line of foods!

Simple Plate™ will help you get dinner on the table much faster.  This convenient meal kit has prepped and proportioned ingredients that stay fresh for months and months!  There is no food that is going to spoil if you fail to cook it tonight, but if you took out meat to thaw and don’t cook it and then you stick in the fridge and you still don’t cook it what happens?  It goes down the disposal!

Families need a go-to-dinner solution that doesn’t cut corners.   With prepped and portioned ingrediatens that stay fresh for weeks, this is dinner that hits the spot without breaking the bank.  No time required for peeling, chopping, dicing, rinsing, etc.

Freshness without Preservatives! Fresher than Fresh freeze dried Thrive Life foods!  There is also a minimum amount of packaging and everything’s recyclable!

Average cost is $6.00 per plate.  Other meal delivery companies average $10 to $12 per plate.

Prepped, portioned, and ready to eat in 30 minutes or less.  Now that’s simple!  Simple Plate™that is!

What do I mean by Fresher than Fresh Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods?  Take a look at this.  It explains it! (more…)

Thrive Life Foods – Love these products!

Simple.  Clean.  Food.  Delivered to your door.

Our Testimony:

In 2011, my husband set us up with some long term food storage as a part of an emergency preparedness plan. After hours of research he ordered THRIVE LIFE freeze dried food products and we also purchased some canned goods and MRE’s and put them in storage in case of some catastrophe.

In 2016, he decided that we didn’t have enough in storage, so this time he gave me the assignment to add more foods to our supply.   I got heavily into determining which was the best bang for our buck and also I wanted to add some variety to the collection.

I created a spreadsheet and compared price per serving on various products from various sites, including THRIVE LIFE.

As I studied all this, I found that people were using THRIVE LIFE as a daily food supply not just for Emergency Preparedness.   This made me aware, for one thing, that we had had all that Freeze dried food for 5 years and we had never read the instructions or tried any of it!

The more I read on THRIVE’s site the more I realized they had a lot to offer and that I actually might be able to save food dollars on our regular food supply by joining them as a consultant, and well, the rest is history.

I did become a THRIVE LIFE consultant, hosted tasting parties, and I began preparing meals with the food from THRIVE and we loved it.  Now it is not necessarily cheaper than my groceries I buy in the store, BUT, some of the advantages will be revealed below as I tell you about the products and how they are prepared and how I don’t deal with so much waste of food or time when I use my THRIVE LIFE products.   Note: Our THRIVE LIFE site is located at https://www.pinnaclepantry.com.

Watch for more blogs with Recipes and tips and tricks for cooking with THRIVE and making money as a consultant!


Are You Prepared for a Disaster?

Do you continue to think it won’t happen to you?

Have you continued to not heed the warnings after seeing disaster after disaster all over the world?  People make fun of those known as ‘preppers’ and yet they don’t prepare for disasters and then when they come and they are in a situation where they have no food or water and can’t get out of their homes they say ‘why me?’.

When there is some lead time warning folks will rush home from work and head to the grocery stores and service stations and try to load up on food and water and gasoline and other emergency supplies and find that many of the store’s shelves are already empty.

Watching the move ‘How It Ends’ (see our review) prompted me to get serious about getting this message out!



It makes no sense to continue to be unprepared for some form of disaster.   As adults we should be prepared to provide shelter, food and water and so forth for ourselves and our families.  Don’t ignore this folks!  There may be no warning!  Stock up and be prepared!  Prepare Now!

The picture above was from a hurricane.  But there are many types of natural disasters which can occur which we should be prepared for:  Wildfire, Brushfires, Tornadoes, Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods, Volcanic Eruptions, Cyclones, Avalanches, Blizzards, Famines, Landslides. Meteorite events, Heat waves, Epidemics, Pandemics. Drought, Water Shortage, Hail.




How It Ends – Netflix Movie Review

Movie Title: How It Ends

Trailer: How It Ends Trailer

Director: David M. Rosenthal

Cast: Theo James, Forest Whitaker, Kat Graham, Grace Dove

Film Location: Mostly in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  One seen was filmed in Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

My Rating: 6 out of 10


The Beginning starts off pretty good

This movie definitely got me thinking again about the possibilities of something like this happening in the US and around the world.  It is entertaining.   It did keep my attention.  This world (especially in the U.S.) is so dependent on our electricity, water, the internet, cell phones, etc. that a disaster that took down anyone of these could leave this spoiled country in shambles.

The young couple in this story have just found out they are going to be parents of a little boy.   Sam (the girlfriend) and Will (the boyfriend) have not told her parents yet and there is obviously a ‘not so good’ relationship between Will and Sam’s dad, Tom.   Tom is a retired career military man and he is tough on Will.   Sam is his only daughter and he wants the best for her and doesn’t fell Will can provide that.  Lots of obvious tension there.

Will has to make a business trip to the city where Sam’s folks are and goes by to have dinner with them, leaving Sam at home in Seattle.  The dinner didn’t go so well and Will leaves her folks to head to the airport to fly back home.  He is on the phone with Sam when there is some major noise and ‘she says something is wrong’ and they lose their connection.

Next thing that happens is the power goes out, the internet goes down and it happens all over the U.S. (more…)

Microsoft Office 365 – Review


A Long Time Microsoft User!

I have used Microsoft products since they first came out.   From DOS to the first Windows Product to the first Office products, Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Dynamics (Formerly Great Plains) and more.

People can complain about Microsoft but quite frankly being involved in the IT arena and Software support arena for 22 years, I have to say Microsoft has been phenomenal.

Just remembering back to DOS and manually typing in commands to find files/data on your hard drives and then to Windows and where it is today. WOW!

I first used Word processing products back in the 80’s before Microsoft came out with their products.   Remember WordPerfect and those other Word processing products?

The first Spreadsheet app I used was Lotus 1,2,3.   Then Microsoft came out with Excel!

There was DB1 the first database app I remember using.   Then Microsoft developed Access which was another amazing product.

People complained about the cost of these products but what they didn’t realize then and don’t realize today is that each of the Microsoft Office products alone are amazing, powerful tools which you can literally run a small business on!   The tools which exist within each of these products is well worth what the annual cost is.

A few years later they began combining the products together as Microsoft Office! (more…)

Solo Bryant 17.3 Inch Rolling Laptop Case – Review

PRODUCTSolo Bryant 17.3 Inch Rolling Laptop Case

COLOR: Black

FABRIC: Polyester body, Canvas like – Textured fabric

DIMENSIONS: 17 x 14.75  x 8.75 in.

WEIGHT: 7.01 lbs.


WARRANTY: 5 year




Designed for on-the-go professionals

Fully padded 17.3′ laptop compartment

Front zippered pocket

Full size front zip-downorganizer section

Divided file folder compartment

Padded carry handles

Hidden push-button telescoping handle system

Polyster body

2 Rollers on back bottom of bag with 2 solid feet (non-rolling) on front bottom of bag for stability


Anker Portable Charger PowerCore 20100mAh and Anker Wall Charger – Review

Anker Portable PowerCore Charger









Anker Portable Charger PowerCore 20100mAh – Love this Charger!

Roughly 2 1/2 years ago (Oct 2015), my husband was insisting that we needed to order one of these chargers and I was not understanding why, as we had the wall cell phone charger already.   I did admit we had no portable charger and so we went ahead and ordered this charger and a smaller one with less capacity.

The issue was our batteries on our cell phones were always going down early in the evening when we typically spent more time on the phones.  We had Samsung S5 phones.

Wow, why did we wait so long?

Within the first week, I realized the advantage to having a portable charger and I would highly recommend this one to anyone.  I use this charger at least a couple of times each week sitting in our living room.  It charges my phone very quickly from 2% to 100% in less than an hour.  I have taken it on road trips and used it in the car and in the cabin on a cruise ship.  It is very handy.  Weighs less than a pound.  Can fit in a purse, laptop bag, suitcase, etc.

I highly recommend this product! (more…)

The Richest Man Who Ever Lived – A Book Review by Taresa Lutz

Posted with permission of Taresa Lutz, standingfirmproducts.com

Book Review Details

Title: The Richest Man Who Ever Lived – King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth, and Happiness

Author: Steven K. Scott

Publisher: Crown Business; First edition 2/21/2006

Category: Wealth Management, Business, Finance

Reviewed By: Taresa Lutz, Christian blogger, Believer in Jesus Christ  (http://standingfirmproducts.com)

Recommended? Yes, Highly

This is a book review of The Richest Man Who Ever Lived – King Solomon’s Secrets to Success, Wealth and Happiness by Steven K. Scott.  (The book is on the wisdom gleaned to us by King Solomon himself from the book of Proverbs.)  This review was written a couple of months ago for our Christian website, standingfirmproducts.com.  I believe it is relevant to publish it on this site as well because this site will be publishing content related to businesses and business products.

This book, published in 2006, sat on my bookshelf for several years going unread.  I don’t recall when I bought it, or why?  It may have been promoted at some church event or I may have just seen it in a bookstore, but I bought it and then filed it away on the shelf.

Last summer I was facilitating a study with family and friends on the subject of Conversational Peace, (a very good study by the way), when I was looking for some reference material and I saw this book and picked it up and started looking through it.   I ran across several Proverbs from King Solomon about ‘our mouths’ and what comes from them! (more…)

Do Product Reviews Matter – We Think So!

We Believe Product Reviews Matter

We believe this so much that we are building our business and our website around it.  For years we have been active product review seekers…IE we rarely buy anything other than groceries without searching for product reviews from more than one source before making the purchase.  According to WordPress eCommerce Plugins: WP eStore Review: Advances in Economics and Business (an international journal) has conducted studies into the likelihood of product reviews influencing purchase decisions.   Their findings point to reviews as an important part of the research process for customers. (more…)