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What is Simple Plate? Why do I care?

Simple Plate™ is one of the latest additions to Thrive Life line of foods!

Simple Plate™ will help you get dinner on the table much faster.  This convenient meal kit has prepped and proportioned ingredients that stay fresh for months and months!  There is no food that is going to spoil if you fail to cook it tonight, but if you took out meat to thaw and don’t cook it and then you stick in the fridge and you still don’t cook it what happens?  It goes down the disposal!

Families need a go-to-dinner solution that doesn’t cut corners.   With prepped and portioned ingrediatens that stay fresh for weeks, this is dinner that hits the spot without breaking the bank.  No time required for peeling, chopping, dicing, rinsing, etc.

Freshness without Preservatives! Fresher than Fresh freeze dried Thrive Life foods!  There is also a minimum amount of packaging and everything’s recyclable!

Average cost is $6.00 per plate.  Other meal delivery companies average $10 to $12 per plate.

Prepped, portioned, and ready to eat in 30 minutes or less.  Now that’s simple!  Simple Plate™that is!

What do I mean by Fresher than Fresh Thrive Life Freeze Dried Foods?  Take a look at this.  It explains it!















Watch this short (2 minute) video to learn a little more about Thrive Life.

Thrive Life: Simple, clean, food delivered to your door!

What choices of Simple Plate™ meal kits are there?

There are 24 Simple Plate™meal kits currently available from Thrive Life.  Here are pictures and info on a few of them.  I will direct you to the website to view the others.


Southwest-Style Chicken Quinoa Bowl

Tex-Mex without the drive-thru? Yee-ha! Whip up this bowl of southwest flavors in just a few minutes with a creative mixture of fluffy quinoa, hearty veggies, and tender chicken slices! Will you feel like a Pinterest mom? Absolutely. Who knew healthy could taste so awesome?  Click picture to go to website.

Serving Time: 20 min  Allergens: Dairy

Nutrition Per Serving: 280 Calories, Fats 13g, Protein 13g, Sodium 490mg




Chicken Craberrry Pot Pie

A creamy vegetable and chicken medley wrapped in a golden crust makes for a pot pie that Grandma will praise! This meal is here to satisfy your fall cravings in record time, so get that good ol’ homecookin’ without all the prep work!

Serving Time: 40 min

Allergens: Dairy, Wheat, Soy

Nutrition Per Serving: 400 Calories, 20g Fats, 14g Protein, 530mg Sodium




Butternut Squash Pesto Bucatini

Twirl your fork into this one-of-a-kind pasta drizzled with a creamy pesto sauce! Finish it off with a mix of savory veggies, and you’ve got an Instagram worthy dinner! Go ahead and snap that pic. We don’t blame you.

Serving Time: 23 min

Allergens: Tree nuts, Dairy, Wheat

Nutrition Per Serving: 590 Calories, Fats 35g, Protein 13g, Sodium 640mg



Grilled Chicken Tacos with Refried Beans

Tender grilled chicken infused with spices and lime with a medley of vibrant red bell peppers, chopped onions, and green chili peppers all wrapped up in a homemade tortilla. Served with a side of creamy refried beans, taco night is now gourmet!

Serving Time: 35 min.

Allergens: Wheat, Milk

Nutrition Per Serving: 420 Calories, 17g Fat, 19g Protein, 660mg Sodium



Sausage and Veggie Pizza

Remember when you were a kid and loved making your own pizza? You may have grown up, but everyone knows making your own pizza is still a hoot and a half! So whip out those old pizzeria skills and customize a “grown up” pizza with an array of hearty veggies and savory sausage for a dinner that’s fun to make and fun to eat!   Classic makes one 12 inch pizza. Family makes two 12 inch pizzas.

Serving Time: 1 hr 30 min

Allergens: Dairy, Wheat

Nutrition Per Serving: 470 Calories, Fats 26g, Protein 21g, Sodium 890g




Korean-Style Beef with Brown Rice

Instead of takeout, take a bite into a savory bowl of Korean-Style Beef! With the flavors of your favorite Asian restaurant, each tender bite gives you a big kick of sweet and spicy! Laid on a bed of sautéed veggies and fluffy brown rice, you won’t need to leave your house for a restaurant-worthy meal! We’ve defrosted, browned, and shredded your beef for you!

Serving Time: 20 min.

Allergens: None (Pantry items not included)

Nutrition Per Serving: 460 Calories, Fats 11g, Protein 24g, Sodium 1710mg


Tuscan-Style Beef Pappardelle

Shredded Beef in an Italian dish? Oh, yes! Twirl your fork into this savory pasta packed with veggies and drenched in a balsamic glaze with a hint of sweet tomato sauce. It’s a bowl of pot roast mixed with the softest, tastiest ribbon noodle you’ve ever eaten!

Serving Time: 22 min

Allergens: Wheat, Milk

Nutrition Per Serving: 280 Calories, Fats 8g, Protein 19g, Sodium 580mg








There are currently seventeen other Simple Plate™ meal kits available from Thrive Life.  All of these creation have come from the Amazing Culinary Team at Thrive Life.   You can find all of these by clicking on this link to the Simple Plate page.

  • Classic Wedding Soup
  • Creamy Red Pepper Polenta
  • Maple Pulled Pork Waffles
  • Sweet and Sour Beef
  • Tuscan Quinoa Bowl
  • Thai-Style Coconut Beef
  • Chicken Farfalle Pasta Primavera
  • Rigatoni Rustica
  • Chicken Bolognese & Gnocchi
  • South Pacific-Style Stir Fry
  • Garden Veggie Lasagna
  • Asian Style Noodle Salad
  • Bolognese Bucatini
  • Savory Green Curry
  • Veggie Infused Pizza
  • Chicken Cranberry Crepes
  • Chicken and Dumplings

So why should you care about Simple Plate™ and Thrive Life?

If you are in need of ways to create quick and healthy meals and need to stay away from fast and fried foods, and haven’t given Thrive a try, I suggest you do so as soon as possible. These are easy to prepare if you just follow the instructions.  Children can prepare these meals. No danger of the kids cutting themselves with knives while trying to cut and dice veggies, etc.

You may feel these seem pricey but consider the laboring you don’t have to do and the fact that there is no waste and they are much healthier than the fasst food you might replace them with!  Plus these have a long shelf life due to the freeze drying and so they won’t go bad in a week or two if you don’t get around to preparing a meal with them..

Click on any of the pictures or the Highlighed Links to go to my Pinnacle Pantry/Thrive Life page.

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