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Solo Bryant 17.3 Inch Rolling Laptop Case – Review

PRODUCTSolo Bryant 17.3 Inch Rolling Laptop Case

COLOR: Black

FABRIC: Polyester body, Canvas like – Textured fabric

DIMENSIONS: 17 x 14.75  x 8.75 in.

WEIGHT: 7.01 lbs.


WARRANTY: 5 year




Designed for on-the-go professionals

Fully padded 17.3′ laptop compartment

Front zippered pocket

Full size front zip-downorganizer section

Divided file folder compartment

Padded carry handles

Hidden push-button telescoping handle system

Polyster body

2 Rollers on back bottom of bag with 2 solid feet (non-rolling) on front bottom of bag for stability

Front zippered compartment:










On the very front is a zippered compartment which is small and handy for things like your cell phone or other items which you may need quickly and don’t need to go into the larger compartments.

Second zippered compartment:









The second zippered compartment is much larger and is great.  It has slots for pens and pencils, business cards, and various other pockets for more items such as post-it note pads, dvds or cds, computer cables, etc.  Handy access as well as organized so you can find things.  Being on the outside of the bag allows you to open it without opening the section which has the laptop in it, which is great for maneuvering in elevators or on airplanes.

Third and fourth zippered compartments:









As you can see above, the third zipper compartment is large and has a divider where you can place file folders and other business documents, manuals, binders, etc.  Room for an additional laptop or tablet also.

Behind that section is another zippered section which has a slot for the laptop, and then more room  for file folders, books, computer or monitor cables, or even a change of clothes.

The retractable handle has a zippered cover which you can zip and hide the handle out of the way when traveling on an airplane to keep it out of your way.

Side View:










The bag is quite compact if you don’t overstuff it.  It is light and maneuvers easily on the two rear wheels.  As mentioned above you can totally hide the handle in the handle compartment and zip that closure and carry the bag with the fabric handles when taking it in and out of your car or placing it in an overhead bin on an airplane.

My Experience and Final Comments:

Prior to this bag, I had a leather, Samsonite, rolling laptop bag that I used for years.  I was a software consultant and traveled to client sites all over the U.S. and  I put that bag through torture.  I loaded the inside with books and manuals and then piled more on top of it from the outside.   The leather was great in that I could wipe it off and not worry about spills hitting it or anything like that, but it was heavy.  The bag alone was heavy and after I loaded it up, it was really heavy.  I ultimately caused the roller portion to collapse because of the weight I piled on it.

I changed positions and didn’t have to carry so much heavy stuff with me anymore, and I primarily used it for taking my laptop and gear to and from the office as I also worked from home a lot.

I needed a new one and like one a friend from work had ordered.   I got to see hers and liked the size and weight and the fabric etc but did the drill of checking out products online before ordering.   That was really tough.  Many of the bags available at that time wouldn’t handle my 16.5 inch laptop and those that would were ugly or heavy or just not exactly what I wanted or they were much more than I wanted to expend for a new bag.

I finally decided to go with this bag which was the same bag my friend had except I got it in all black.

The price was really good and I have now had it for 3 years with no problems.  I am very happy with this bag and love the weight of the bag and the convenient compartments and the retractable handle works fine.

The only thing I bought in addition to it is a padded sleeve for my laptop that allows me to pull it out and keep it protected while out of the bag.

In looking at other reviews online,  I found a few people who had issues with the retractable handle or the wheels.  I have not had any issues with either of those.  Those people didn’t indicate that they contacted the manufacture to have the items replaced.  The bag comes with a five year warranty, so I would recommend calling the vendor I purchased from first if it is fairly soon after the purchase, and if longer but within the warranty period, I would contact the manufacturer.

I give this product a 4.8 stars based on my own experience and that of others whose reviews I have read.

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